by Antilles

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Arclight Communications - CD (2007)
100 vellum sleeves

Self-released - CD (2008)
100 chipboard covers with two color screen print
Art by Seth Graham

Kid Sister Everything - 2xLP (2016)
200 black
Art & printing by Harrison/Kid Sis

Recorded by Rob Zajac in 2006
Re-Mastered by Kris Di Benedetto at Moron Mountain 2012


released July 1, 2007

Alex - Guitar, Vocals
Kevin - Guitar, Vocals
Drew - Drums
Josh - Bass


tags: punk Cleveland


all rights reserved
Track Name: Beholder
The times have changed
The old ways have been washed away
Replaced by new means to diminish the feeling
False claims, as if written in sand lines.
It's hard to forget what you once were
To restart without weighing the chances of getting fucked all over again
What once seemed appealing, pure, and desirable
Is now soiled, vulgar, and devalued
We cannot remain idle
We won't stand by anymore
"What's there? What's left?"
Divinity in the eyes of the Beholder
Track Name: Rumors of an Apocalypse
This is all wrong
Things weren't supposed to turn out this way
Tripping up in our own footsteps, end on end
There's no decline, no great exodus
The folly of mankind rests on our inability to take responsibility for our actions
To even see that we have done anything wrong
Having gone to the dogs
We have proven ourselves utterly worthless

"I heard talk between the buildings,
Echoing the rumors of an apocalypse"

Four sounds to silence naysayers with eyes gleaming
Four sights equally blinding
Track Name: Plagiarized, Rehashed
"Burn the old inventions"
We've fucked ourselves for the sake of convenience
Abandoned all sentiment
Blanked our the lines in a refusal to tear down all of our idols

This is plagiarized, rehashed
The same lines repeating over again

With mouths full of venom we have nothing left to say, save

"We have lost our way"

I've given all I ever had
Just to hang as ornaments for your display
Track Name: A Means to an End
A means to an end:
Sold it off, beaten until nothing but pulp remained
No revival
No revolution

Spit all the teeth out
One by one
And when they were gone
I did it again
I had a fortune
But then I squandered it
And when it was gone
I did it all over
Track Name: Pestilence & Drought
It's useless
A futile attempt when there's no room to make amends
Even shouting all the while
"Repent! Repent!"

The natural cycle has been run
And this is the product
Oh doomed culture, do you cry
"I was a failure upon conception?"
Or are you too blind to see?

"I can survive, eating my own hide until that fails to satiate me, but by no means will I ever go hungry,
even through pestilence and drought"

And when it comes
The rain pours down in torrents
Always either starving or gorging ourselves to the point of sickness
There is no middle ground

Decadence a la deprivation
Track Name: Eulogy
The hall resounds with a thousand voices familiar
Relics from the past, superimposed
The procession draws to a standstill, stating:

"There is no device as faulty as your tongue,
Spouting empty words from empty lungs
There is a void that cannot be filled
By any of your hollow objects
Disguised as truth or otherwise
Another nail"

Dismantling convention
Laying waste to the all-too-familiar psyche

Frozen in place

Driving for the reinvention of an old passion
Standing in a current and trying not to budge

Another nail in the coffin
Track Name: Destroyer
Let's raise a monument to the age
Mark it by an exercise in monotony
And set it in filth
This? This is what came of such promise?

We lost it all
When the flood came
We had not the sense to run

I looked into the sea
And upon turning back, saw nothing
Nothing worth remembering
Nothing worth saving