Antilles​/​Staph Split 7"

by Antilles

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Volume III of Inkblot's "Split Series"

Inkblot Records - 7" (2008)
100 white / lime green splatter colored vinyl
400 white vinyl

Recorded by Will Kill at Dead Air
Art by Faith Laurel


released October 24, 2009

Alex - Guitar, Vocals
Kevin - Guitar, Vocals
Drew - Drums
Cody - Bass, Vocals


tags: punk Cleveland


all rights reserved
Track Name: New Standards
I wanted something else
My actions to count
My voice to be heard
Something different
If I'd of know it would turn out this way
Maybe I'd have reconsidered
How we've come to this
I do not know
New set of standards
New set of guidelines
New set of bullshit rules
I thought I could express myself
But I was wrong
It's not the same
Where's the unity I was promised
It must be me
Track Name: Standstill
Talk means noting
When the actions are absent
It's like speaking in one language
While cursing in another
Is it just me
Or have we lost sight of integrity
For the last fucking time
Talk minus actions equals nothing
A movement minus motion is a standstill
Is it just me
Or isn't this what we were trying to do away with